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For growth-oriented women and the organizations that employ them —

Are you ready to ignite women's greatness?

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For Individuals

For women who want to break free from feeling stuck, joyless, or invisible, we offer transformation coaching and courses to begin the journey to greatness and freedom. Ready to transform yourself and your world?

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For Organizations

In today's environment, many companies have committed to increasing diversity and inclusion efforts (DEI). How do you prepare your female workforce to assume more leadership roles? How do you build up and transform your current women leaders?

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What is Transforming Women?

Women everywhere are yearning to realize their own genius and release their untapped potentials for greater joy, success, and closer bonds with others so that life and work are a seamless, satisfying whole.

Dr. Sheri D. Kling created Transforming Women to apply her research, experience, heart-felt authenticity, and passion for growth toward igniting women’s self-actualization and expansion.


Through her professional seminars, personal growth courses, and coaching, Dr. Sheri specializes in guiding growth-oriented women who feel stuck, joyless, or invisible through the archetypal transformation patterns of feminine rebirth and inner strengthening so they can create lives of purpose, passion, and joy.

Meet Dr. Kling

Author, Teacher, Consultant, Coach

Sheri D. Kling, Ph.D. (founder of Deeper Rhythm and creator of Transforming Women), has spent a lifetime focusing on transformation, wholeness, and human flourishing. Her specialty is harnessing proven wisdom from multidisciplinary sources to address the personal and cultural problems that keep us fragmented and stuck. She then translates those ideas into practical living solutions that enable individuals and organizations to succeed at all levels and make a positive difference in their worlds.

An accomplished keynoter and faculty member of the Haden Institute, Dr. Kling has led retreats and spoken to groups large and small on some of the biggest questions facing humans. Her careers in business, enterprise technology, professional services, and academia have honed deep expertise in strategic planning, marketing, communications, and problem solving that she now applies as an author, teacher, consultant, and coach for the common good.

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Transforming Women
Developmental Capacities

Integrity & Leadership

Creativity & Innovation

Intuition & Wise Guidance

Resilience & Inner Strength

Agency & Empowerment

Self-Awareness & Compassion

Clapping Audience
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Allen Proctor, Director,
Haden Institute

Sheri’s teaching consistently earns strongly positive evaluations. She is a highly skilled educator who can make difficult concepts accessible to her students  in a way that is both expansive and inspiring.


Sherry Moser
Brewster Kaleidoscope Society

As we are searching for this year’s keynote speaker, I can’t help but wish we could have Sheri come back again.

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Ekow Arthur-Mensah
Coaching Client

Sheri helps you find the authentic you and helped me realize and better appreciate how to articulate all the many skills I had developed throughout the years.

The journey to greatness begins on the path of self knowledge.

Begin your journey today.

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Everywhere we turn, women hear messages that tell us we’re not enough. Or we’re too much. Or that we’re invisible.


If you’re tired of letting lies suck the life out of you, then this free eBook is for you!